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2i Firm

Founded and directed by Mamady Kaba since 2003, Engineering International (2i) is positioned as a tool for the development of public and private sectors in Guinea. The firm has experienced since its inception a steady growth in business volume and a continued strengthening of its human resources ..

2i Firm

Identity Card

CEO Mamady Kaba
Name 2i- SARL
Creating 2003
Adress Immeuble Labé
Citées chemins de fer
Commune de Kaloum
BP : 1975 Conakry
Réblique de Guinée
Telephone +224-
Fax +224-

Message from the CEO

The creation of the Cabinet 2i in 2003 was mainly motivated by the finding of a lack of structure Guinean private advice to the state and the formal and informal private sector driven by the desire to provide quality service, as part of a win-win partnership.

Today, 2i occupies a prominent place on the board walk in public and private sector in Guinea. A firm that solves the most difficult problems facing the state in its business dealings, a firm that facilitates the installation of private investors in Guinea, by providing expertise, know-how, therefore, a firm that accompanies the informal sector in its migration to the formal, through an innovative consulting approach, based on a pragmatic pedagogy.

In other words, the firm is positioned as a vehicle for economic and social development.

Result of an altruistic approach based on the desire to develop a consulting firm with core competencies Guinean 2i has grown in terms of volume.

The spirit that governs its operation since its inception is that of a manager-founder, outlining the vision, providing the impetus and resources to providing a battery of consultants skilled in the spirit of sharing.

In addition, 2i is entitled to have contributed to personal and professional development of its consultants, who have put their skills, their knowledge is a benefit, and in turn, have found in him a platform to personal improvement, openness, self-fulfillment on all levels.

From the above, derives the main source of our prosperity and hence our ability to provide you with a sustainable service of very high quality, inexhaustible source of added value.

Also, we rely on a range of strong relationships, which represent a lever to operate, to provide an innovative, efficient your challenges.

The missions in the service of the State of Guinea, Guinean business, regional and international since 2003, generating a multiplier effect in our ability to meet our specifications, to offer more growth, more opportunities, more solutions and this in a sustainable manner.
    Dirigeant d?entreprises, Fondateur et Directeur Général de 2i

Our assets

In the consulting market, consisting of many and various structures, the competitive advantage of 2i based on three pillars:
A thorough knowledge of the institutional business in Guinea, its constraints and its opportunities derived from our feedback.
Competence, know-how of our consultants based on a diverse and varied experience at the national, regional and international ...



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