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  • Air Guin?Express

    Initiating and guiding the process of acquiring an aircraft carrying passengers for international flights of Air Express Guinea.

  • Officials Travels

    Organization of official travel of Government and the Presidency of the Republic of Guinea (including as Sherpa)


    Negotiation and conclusion of the agreement of settlement of the dispute between the Guinean government and the private shareholders of the former Guinean Electricity Company (SOGEL).

  • Mediation

    Mediation between the Guinean Government and Telekom Malaysia, under the rules of the "Sotelgui litigation." The successful mediation in the assets of 2i, has just the state's choice to bring the Sotelgui in her lap.
  • Consulting

    Council at the Ministry of State for Economic Development, as part of the organization of mining Düsseldorf forum for the promotion of mining megaprojects in Guinea in 2006.
  • Economic Forum in Paris

    Organisation Economic Forum in Paris to promote international investment in Guinea (2007) on the areas of merchant administration of the State

The success of these two events is the translation of the ability to initiate and drive 2i in partnership with the state policies to emphasize its commitment to diversifying and strengthening its partnership with the international business community.